It’s no surprise that water levels all across the peninsular have dwindled down to an alarming state, due to the baking hot weather brought on by the El Nino phenomenon.

Sungai Pahang was no exception. However, the dwindling of water level here has revealed a sunken treasure: a British merchant ship that mysteriously sunk over 100 years ago.

KAPAL sg pahang
Source: The Star

Local residents of Kampung Tanjung in Paloh Hinai first noticed the shipwreck while looking for “etak” (a type of clam) along the river. “At first they thought it was a floating log before later noticing the ship’s boom,” recalls Paloh Hinai village development and security committee chairman, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.


Usually, we don’t see this. As the dry season closes in, the water in the river started to recede where we can clearly see the shipwreck,” said Abdul Rashid before adding that most of the parts were already rusty; having suffered extensive damage. Since its emergence, the area has become a local attraction for those living around the location.

PEKAN 04 MAY 2016. Penduduk Kampung Tanjung, Mohd Razlan Jaafar, 52, melihat bangkai kapal dagang milik British dan dipercayai karam pada tahun 1915 ditemui selepas Sungai Pahang menjadi semakin cetek akibat fenomena el nino yang melanda negara ketika ini. NSTP/LUQMAN HAKIM ZUBIR
Source: NSTP/ Luqman Hakim Zubir

The story of the shipwreck is popular among the villages, having been handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. It is said that the vessel sank due to the arrogant attitude of the captain and after the ‘spirits’ were disturbed,” he was quote as saying.

The British merchant vessel was a classic 1900s vessel; one that had a funnel, anchor rope, propeller and engine combustion chamber. What a blast from the past! Mind-blowing.

Sources: The Star, Astro Awani, NST.

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