Bridget Jones, the loveable clumsy woman who shared with us secrets from her diary and successfully boosted sales of granny panties is back. With a baby on board!

“Bridget Jones’s Baby” – the 3rd and long-awaited instalment in the series – will be a follow-up to the previous big screen adaptation of “The Edge of Reason”. Renee Zellweger returns as the title character, with Patrick Dempsey joining Colin Firth to form the new love triangle.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

When we last saw Bridget in 2004’s “The Edge of Reason”, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) had popped the question and promised her a modern fairy-tale ending. As it turns out, the 2 did not get married. More than a decade later in “Bridget Jones’s Baby”, Bridget is now 43, still single, and has a bun in the oven. In true Bridget fashion, she doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is!


Okay, so maybe she hasn’t matured all that much. A zebra can’t change its stripes: her granny panties are bound to return in some form and she’s still a pro in turning an embarrassing situation all the more awkward. “I think that’s her essence. All of us do things in our personalities that we don’t outgrow,” Zellweger told Entertainment Weekly.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Zellweger, who hasn’t been in a movie since 2010 (by personal choice), says the character has always remain close to her heart: “I like that she tells what it’s like to be a woman in these really relatable situations. It’s so right to tell a story about Bridget in this stage of her life.”

One of the reasons the first film worked was not just because of the comedy but because people identified with Bridget’s fear of loneliness. It’s still a prominent theme in the character’s journey even in the third film, and an integral point of access for the audience to empathise with her,” said “Bridget Jones” director Sharon Maguire.

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Source: Universal via Daily Mail

Bridget might still be working as a TV news producer, hanging out with her BFF (Sally Phillips), and cuddling up to mummy (Gemma Jones) and daddy dearest (Jim Broadbent), but at least her music taste might have been updated. Out with Celine Dion and in with Ed Sheeran, who makes a brief cameo here.

No matter how disastrous of a situation she always finds herself in, Bridget never seems to have any trouble finding handsome men to fall over.

Check out funny trailer below:

“Bridget Jones’s Baby” is set to be released on 29th September 2016.


Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Movie Pilot, The Guardian.

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