Lee Hi (이하이) is back and it comes with 2 music video releases.

Her album, titled “Seoulite”, features 2 titles tracks as well as some impressive names that sound like promising collaborations such as Dok2, Incredivle, and WINNER‘s Mino. We just checked out the music video for the as-recommended-by-Tablo title track, “Hold My Hand” (손잡아 줘요) and dare we say that we’re in love!

Lee Hi 손잡아 줘요


The cute music video complements the cheerful, uplifting song with its semi-reality, semi-8-bit graphics. It was previously assumed that the songs off “Seoulite” will be based mostly on hip hop sounds but this one turned out to be the complete opposite we had expected. The sweet yet retro-sounding track goes really well with her signature jazzy voice and it’s bound to put a smile on your face.

And is it just us or has she matured quite a bit (read: beautifully) since we last saw her? Watch:

Lee Hi’s “Seoulite” is out now. Like it? Get it off iTunes here.

For more information on Lee Hi, visit her Facebook page.

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