AOA Cream, a sub-unit trio of K-Pop idol girl group AOA members Chanmi, Yuna, and Hyejeong, have finally released their debut music video.

And it’s as cute as the teasers promised, but with a fun twist.

AOA Cream
Source: FNC Entertainment

The music video starts off with the girls meeting up in a cafe, and AOA’s “심쿵해” (Heart Attack) can be heard playing in the background. All is well until Hyejeong sees her boyfriend walk by with another girl. The girls then transform into wand/staff-wielding magical girls and decides to teach him a lesson or two.


Revenge has never looked this cute!

Enter the mayhem that is AOA Cream as they freeze time and mess with him, kick him, and spook him out by magically messing with his surroundings and things. In tune with the sweet, pop-ish song that they’re singing and dancing along to, it’s not enough to actually hurt the dude but is adorably hilarious.

Watch the music video for “질투 나요 BABY” (I’m Jelly BABY) below:

For more information on AOA Cream, hit up the group’s microsite.

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