Chinese media outlet Apple Daily has confirmed that actress Angelica Lee Sinje (李心潔) and director Oxide Pang are expecting twins. The announcement comes 4 days after her 40th birthday.

Angelica took to her Weibo as well as her Facebook page to share the happy news, posting, “In the new year, with hearts filled with joy, we’ll welcome the arrival of two new lives!”

She also shared a photo of a cartoon of a couple – an extremely pregnant dowager empress holding hands with a dude in sunglasses:


Kedah-born Angelica Lee is a Malaysian Chinese film actress and pop singer. She started her career in singing and later moved on to acting in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Angelica starred in 2002’s “The Eye”, the hit Asian horror film by the Pang Brothers, winning her the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress, Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Festival, and a Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Award. She was also among the very few Asian stars to be awarded as Berlin Film Festival Best Newcomer Awards in 2001 for her role in “Betelnut Beauty”.


In 2006, Angelica worked with the Pang brothers again on horror flick “Re-cycle”, which was screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2006. She would later go on to marry one-half of the Pang brothers, Oxide Pang, in 2010. Oxide also has a daughter from his previous marriage.

In 2014, he and his wife said they would stay together, despite the scandal he caused when he was caught on camera dating model Liddy Li, then 26. He has been on good behaviour after the scandal.

Angelica Lee Oxide Pang
Source: TNP

Congratulations, Angelica! Here’s to a safe and smooth delivery. We’ll be waiting to see the adorable baby pictures 🙂

Sources: The Star Online, The Straits Times, Angelica Lee Sinje’s Facebook page.

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