Taeyeon fans, where you guys at?

Earlier today, new but popular South Korean R&B artiste Crush (크러쉬) and SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (태연) released a surprise track and we’re in love.

Crush Taeyeon Don't Forget
Source: YouTube screenshot

Titled, “Don’t Forget” (잊어버리지마), the bittersweet winter duet features Crush singing about moments that last forever, and hoping that the moments that he has shared with his beloved are never forgotten. After which, Taeyeon chimes in with her heart-warming vocals, urging him (or you, the listener) to not let go and to please remember her. And really, how does one say no to Taeyeon?


Being closet fans of R&B, we love how Crush and Taeyeon worked the otherwise ordinary melody to the best of its potential. Of course, the beautiful music video featuring Crush in the snow helped us better visualise the sweet winter song.

Watch the music video below:

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