We just got word that there was “an explosion” near Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya barely an hour ago.

As seen in a short video footage posted up on the PJ Community Alert Facebook page about half an hour ago, a few cars parked near the Taman Jaya LRT station appeared to have caught fire. At first, it was unknown whether it was caused by a bomb or because one of the vehicles burst into flames.

Several Facebook users have also taken the liberty to share a couple of photos from the scene:


*Pictures from facebook.com/navindranj.

However, Malaysia’s Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has quickly taken to his Twitter to address the issue and squash the “explosion” rumours. He confirmed that the incident was due to mischief as someone set a car ablaze on purpose.

He also added that the police are aware and are currently looking into it.

According to The Star Online, a total of 6 cars were damaged in the incident but no one was hurt. The Fire and Rescue Department said they took about half an hour to extinguish the flames.

Rapid KL also took to their Twitter account to ensure LRT commuters that the Taman Jaya LRT Station was not affected by the fire. Read their official media statement below:


That having said, we hope that they’ll find the culprits. Poor cars though 🙁 We’ll update this post with more details as soon as we get more information.

UPDATE (21st December, 9pm):

Oh, such fiery jealousy! Apparently, the Amcorp Mall car park blaze was caused by one woman’s jealous ex-husband. According to The Star Online, the ex-husband showed up at the car park where his ex-wife’s boyfriend was working.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Zani Che Din said the boyfriend, 20, was walking to the car when the ex-husband showed up on a motorcycle and approached him.

“The boyfriend realised that the man was about to throw the bottle at the woman’s car which had the door open, as she was cleaning up the inside. Thankfully, the woman managed to jump out before the flames engulfed the car,” Mohd Zani Che Din said.

Amcorp Mall Fire

The ex-husband fled the scene, leaving behind his slippers and helmet. The police are currently looking for him.

Sources: Malaysia’s IGP Khalid Abu Bakar’s Twitter, The Star Online, Rapid KL’s Twitter.

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