In today’s bizarre Legoland Malaysia news, a 37-year-old man was arrested for theft. Not just any theft – LEGO theft.

According to report by NST, citing the Nusajaya deputy police chief Superintendant Ismail Dollah, the said man, who is a lorry driver, was a Legoland Resort Malaysia hotel guest. He had stayed at Legoland Resort Malaysia hotel for a night at one of the premium rooms.


The Nusajaya police nabbed him at his home in Jementah, Segamat at 2:15am after they received a report from the Legoland Resort Malaysia hotel staff that several items were missing from a hotel room. The 11 stolen items included a hotel directory, coffee tray, throw pillow, and bed runner amounting to RM22,575 in value.


Apparently, upon the suspect’s arrest, the police also found a bag full of the resort hotel’s LEGO block displays. He had nicked a total of 7 LEGO figurine displays and 4 other Legoland Resort Malaysia merchandise. Among the displays recovered by police were the popular LEGO Dragon, LEGO Monkey, and also the LEGO Pirate King.

Credit: Ben Tan @ TRP
Credit: Ben Tan @ TRP

“We have remanded the suspect pending an investigation,” Ismail Dollah said, adding this is the first case handled by the Nusajaya district police involving display toys merchandise.

A separate report by TRP says that the suspect was brought back to the Nusajaya district police headquarters where he was tested positive for amphetamines during a routine urine test.

“However, the suspect did not have any previous criminal records,” Ismail Dollah added.


The case is investigated under Section 380 for theft.

Sources: NST, TRP.

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