Being Malaysians, most of our tastebuds have been “tuned” to withstand even the spiciest of foods. This is, of course, thanks to our unique and rich melting pot of cultures, allowing us to train our “spicy foods threshold”.

But of late, there has been a rising trend in YouTubers taking on a super spicy Korean ramyun challenge.



And not just any super spicy Korean ramen, it’s a challenge that involves the “Buldalk Bokkeummyeon” (불닭볶음면), as seen in the picture above.

In February last year, a “Korean Englishman” (real name Josh) posted up YouTube video titled, “Buldalk Bokkeummyeon Challenge” in London with his friends. The clip, which would later go viral, showed the reactions of British people after they tried the “Buldalk Bokkeummyeon”:

The above video has since garnered over 4.9 million views – and counting!

The “Buldalk Bokkeummyeon” noodles quickly gained popularity and was nicknamed “Fire Noodles” by many. According to its maker Samyang Food, its fame spread like wildfire throughout the markets of Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Closer to home, Malaysian YouTubers Charis Ow and Marianne Tan decided to take on the challenge, using the same (now legendary) “Buldalk Bokkeummyeon”. Our friends from JinnyboyTV also took on a similar challenge not too long ago, and they even “dragged” their pals Dennis Yin and Shawn Lee into it!

Could they handle it though? Did anyone pass out from the spiciness? Watch:

Think you can do better than our fellow Malaysians? Why stop at just the “Buldalk Bokkeummyeon” when you can do more?

Here are top 5 super spicy Korean noodles that you can try in an attempt to emulate the super spicy Korean ramyun challenge and perhaps, hopefully, maybe do better:

1. eMart’s Dare You! Habanero Ramyun

eMart Dare You Habanero Ramyun

In February this year, theramenrater placed eMart’s Dare You! Habanero Ramyun at the top of their “Spiciest Instant Noodle Of All Time” lists. Apparently, it’s hot. Like violently hot.

2. eMart’s Dare You! Habanero Jjamppong

eMart Dare You Habanero Jjamppong

According to theramenrater, this seafood soup variant isn’t as fiery hot but “definitely not to be trifled with”! No pressure or anything but make sure that you savour the soup right down to the very last drop.

3. Samyang Food’s Buldalk Bokkeummyeon


This is a no-brainer. Of course this needs to be on the list! It’s so competitively hot that people are putting up various eating challenges. Tough one to swallow, according to some of our fellow Malaysians. Refer to the videos above.

4. Nongshim’s Jinjja Jinjja


Fun fact: “Jinjja Jinjja” means “really really”. The noodles’ characteristics are said to be the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine, thin and chewy noodles, and nutty peanut flavor. theramenrater said that the broth has “seriously spicy kick to it”. Yes, jinjja.

5. Paldo’s Teumsae Ramyun


What’s that? You think you can take on super spicy Korean noodles which has the meanest of all mean broths? Paldo’s Teumsae Ramyun is your jam. You might jam so hard that you end up cursing at it though.

Have fun and an “explosive” time, you guys. And be safe 🙂

Sources: BusinessKorea, oogeewoogee, theramenrater, Koreaboo / Featured image from New York Times.

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