A partygoer is believed to have jumped off a Norwegian cruise chip that is hosting the “Mad Decent Boat Party“. In case you’ve never heard of the party, it features acts such as Major Lazer and Skrillex.

All was going well and the party was already halfway through (it sails from 11th -15th November) when suddenly, Twitter exploded with reports that a passenger “has fallen overboard”. Moments later, more tweets streamed in to say that the partygoer (female) actually jumped from the ship.

According to Your EDM, US Coast Guard received a call from the ship around 7pm local time while 22 miles off the coast of Cuba, reporting a woman had fallen overboard.


The ship has since executed rescue maneuvers including a turn around and deployment of lifeboast. And a search and rescue is currently ongoing as we speak.

Meanwhile, the “Mad Decent Boat Party” stages have been closed for the time being while the search is conducted with passengers asked to return to their staterooms while a headcount is conducted.

Mad Decent Boat Party

As at time of writing, the organiser has yet to release an official statement regarding the above matter. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

UPDATE (14th November, 10:45am):

Kaylyn Sommer. That’s the name of the female passenger that jump off the “Mad Decent Boat Party”, according to Inquisitr. The 24-year-old married her husband on the “Mad Decent Boat Party” last year and has a young daughter, NBC Miami reported.

Source: nbcmiami.com
Source: nbcmiami.com

It is unclear why Kaylyn jumped off the ship, but the search and rescue mission is still ongoing. The US Coast Guard says that they are still investigating the circumstances that led up to the woman going overboard from the ship.

The “Mad Decent Boat Party” organiser has since released an official statement via their Facebook page regarding the incident:

Mad Decent Boat Party Kaylyn Sommer
Source: facebook.com/maddecentboatparty

More details to come.

Sources: EDMTunes, Your EDM, Billboard, Inquisitr, NBC Miami, US Coast Guard Twitter.

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