Apparently, Malaysia is one of the 15 countries in the world that speaks English (as a second language) the best!

You see, English is widely accepted as the primary international language, and it is increasingly defined as a basic skill required of every student in every education system. It’s a useful language to pick up and master because it connects people to the rest of the world. In fact, nearly 2 billion people (almost 1 in 3 people) study English as a non-native language.


According to an article from i100, the English Proficiency Index just released statistics on where English is learned around the world and quality of teaching to find the countries with the highest proficiency of English as a second language.


Who came out on top?

4 Nordic countries and the Netherlands, with at least 65% of the population fluent in English. And that’s not something that we (Malaysians) would find particularly surprising. But here’s the thing, we’re on the list too, alongside our neighbour Singapore:

Countries With Best English Speakers

Yup. Apparently, 60.3% of the Malaysian population is fluent in English. That’s more than half, which is why it puts us on the high proficiency bracket. However, the full English Proficiency Index doesn’t actually tell us whether it’s based on verbal skills, writing skills, or comprehension skills – or all.

Shrug. Good to know we made the list though?

Source: i100.

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