The people of Dermaga Dalam, Butterworth were swept off their feet when they witnessed a huge twister on Penang’s mainland.

Source: The Star
Source: The Star

Social media users were sharing a video of what appears to be a waterspout on their social media pages. This particular video went viral and it created a buzz.

As seen from the Penang Bridge, the twister was spotted moving towards the Butterworth Port. This can be seen in the 23-second video that was being shared by some social media users. You can watch the video here.


The video has since been shared 4,000 times within 18 hours of it going up.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

At 4:15pm yesterday, the twister was seen descending from the rainy sky appearing off the coast. Nevertheless, the Meterological Department officials mentioned that there were no reports regarding a tornado.

The spokesman of the Meterological Department said:

There are no tornados or waterspouts. Please ignore all social media pictures and videos.

However, he did mention that there will be heavy rain in the week after next. According to the department spokesman, it is normal for Penang to experience heavy rain at this time of the year.

If there are any reports regarding such incidents, the public could call the department headquarters in charge at 03-79678000 to verify the reports.

Sources: Malaysian Digest, The Star.

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