With more attention being given to the local music scene, it’s only fitting that dance punk band Enterprise is now releasing the first-ever music video for the lead single off their EP.

Titled “Cécile La Lumière”, the disarmingly beautiful song was released 7 months ago by the Subang Jaya-based band.

Photo taken by Kadir Chan via Enterprise's official Facebook page
Photo taken by Kadir Chan via Enterprise’s official Facebook page

Featuring songbird Bil Musa, the song is not as danceable as the other tracks from the album, but it was delivered with a melodic consision.


After performing the song at huge music festivals like Urbanscapes 2014 and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015, the indie electronic band now brings us its official music video, telling us a story interpreted from the song.

Enterprise Cecile La Lumiere Music Video

According to the band, the music video was shot 2 weeks before the Earthquake set off a deadly avalanche in Nepal. It sees the band rocking out on their respective instruments while a cinematic storyline plays out.

It is a slightly futuristic and trippy music video with an ambiguous plot, as a girl wakes up in the middle of nowhere and decides to collect some unique glass pieces to assemble them together. Things then take an unexpected turn, as we later find the girl in a Tron-inspired outfit being transported to the beginning again.

Watch the music video below:

The band has also revealed a compilation of remixes contributed by the likes of Dizkopolis, Menikmati, Analog K, and Stellar Dreams. The remixes bring on different sounds ranging from a danceable nu-disco tune to 80s-style snyths to a downtempo ballad. All of them hit the top of the “eargasmic” scale.

Listen to the remixes below:


For more information, log on to their official website or follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Soundcloud.

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