The truth is (pun totally intended), we can’t and will never get over how epic the “The X-Files” series is.

And we can no longer stay calm because the trailers for Fox’s new limited series of “The X-Files” have arrived, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reuniting to play our favourite fictional FBI agents, Mulder and Scully 😀

The X-Files Reboot Trailer


Created by Chris Carter, the original “X-Files” series was the longest-running sci-fi series in US television history as it aired from 1993 – 2002 on Fox, spanning 9 whole seasons and 202 episodes. It revolves around FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigating X-Files: marginalised, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena.

After almost 13 years off the air, the series will finally return to airwaves with a new limited series next year. In anticipation of the series, the network released a 2-part trailer during “Gotham” and “Minority Report“.

The X-Files Reboot Trailer

To keep the mystery as tight as possible, almost nothing is revealed in both trailers, but it sees both Mulder and Scully reuniting for a case after some sort of mystery arises.

In 2002, our investigation ceased, but my personal obsession did not,” Mulder explained at the beginning of the trailer. A mysterious old man then showed up and told him that he is getting closer to the “truth”. This motivates Mulder to seek help from Scully, who told him that he’s “on dangerous ground here”.

We also caught a glimpse of Tad O’Malley (played by “Community” star Joel McHale), a newscaster of “a popular conservative Internet news network” who ends up as an “unlikely ally” to Mulder. Mitch Pileggi’s Walter Skinner and the iconic Cigarette Smoking Man (played by William B. Davis) are briefly shown in the trailer as well.

Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man

Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood will return for an undisclosed arc. Robbie Amell (of “The Flash” fame) and Lauren Ambrose signed on as Agent Miller and Agent Einstein, respectively.


The all-new episodes will feature appearances by guest stars, including Annabeth Gish (“The Bridge”), Annet Mahendru (“The Americans”), Rhys Darby (“Flight of the Conchords”), and Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”).

Watch the 2-part trailer below:

UPDATE (30th September, 11:19am):

The officIal HD trailer is finnaly up on Fox’s YouTube channel.

Check it:

3 episodes from the 6-episode series are written and directed by Carter. The remaining new episodes are written and directed by original series veterans Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong.

The “The X-Files” reboot event series is slated to be released on 24th January 2016.

What did you think of the new “X-Files” trailer? Let us know in the comments box below!

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