No comeback can ever be complete if it isn’t epic.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you would know that legendary Finnish DJ/producer Darude just made his royal re-entry into the dance music scene. A couple of months prior to the release of his comeback album, “Moments”, Darude partnered with YouTube to epicly troll everyone.

Darude deadmau5 Coffee Run


And now, he has even done the unimaginable by meeting up with the epic troll himself – deadmau5.

We hate to disappoint you but unfortunately, it’s not for a collaboration so don’t expect Darude and the mau5 to whip up “Sandstorm” version 2015 as of yet. But the meet was epic enough as deadmau5 took Darude on his infamous coffee run. What, you never thought that you’d ever see Darude in the passenger seat of deadmau5’s beast of a car (Huracán)? Well. neither did we.

Anyway, we digress.

deadmau5 Coffee Run Darude

As they embarked on their coffee run, Darude opens up about what he really thinks of the notoriously popular “Sandstorm” track, amongst other things.

It was a good chat, what with hearing witnessing the mau5 say to Darude:

You and a very select few others are responsible for the influx of the electronic music into North America. It was “Sandstorm” – I’m totally being serious – Binary Finary, Ferry Corsten’s remix and do you remember The Porn Kings? It was all around the same time, and that’s what all the clubs were hitting on. That’s the first time (electronic music) became less “underground and cool”…there wasn’t anything before that. You have that piece of history. That’s something to be very f*cking proud of.

You ready?


Check out the “Coffee Run”, or should we say “Runstorm”, video below. Warning, it’s about 42 minutes long:

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