A marathon alone isn’t enough to test a runner’s stamina.

Since obstacles are part of life, many runners have gone the extra mile to test their strength and endurance. They strengthen themselves and increase their endurance by completing a bunch of physical challenges in a race.

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In order to create a phenomenal running experience, the Petaling Jaya-based public relations, advertising, and event agency, Paradox, have carefully constructed a series of physical challenges for its upcoming obstacle race series, “The Heroes Series”.

Paradox aims to reinvent health and fitness in Malaysia by adding new elements that require reflexes, quick thinking, and teamwork in its obstacle race series. It is an one-of-a-kind obstacle race series as each race will take place in different places and eras. Runners will complete a series of physical challenges before they make it to the finish line.

According to founders and entrepreneurs Aaron Chee, Gobinathan, and Stanley Sin, runners can expect unique scenarios and challenges like escaping from a prison building or a shipwreck through the lifetime of the series.


The series will begin with the first obstacle run titled “Heroes Battlefield”. It requires runners working together to navigate a 10km battle-ravaged field, while avoiding enemy fire. They will be breezing through clouds from smoke grenades and fanning out through trench-mazes.

“Heroes Battlefield” is sort of inspired by Steven Spielberg‘s “Saving Private Ryan” as runners will take on the role of an army invasion team. They will burst out of a Higgins transport boat replica before running past fallen soldiers and war wreckage to earn their medals and their dog tags for conquering the 20 unique obstacles.

Paradox aims to make the experience as authentic as possible with simulated gunfire sound effects, army captains who shout orders and battlecries, and wounded soldiers whom you can help to earn extra badges.

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The full event details are as follows:

  • Venue: 31st October 2015
  • Date: Sepang International Circuit

Tickets are now on sale at the event’s official website. Early bird tickets are priced at RM59 each, but they are only for the first 200 people only.

The full ticketing details are as follows:

Heroes Battlefield Ticket Prices

So, do you have what it takes to become the ultimate hero in “The Heroes Series”?

Watch the trailer below:

For more information, visit the event’s official Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

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