KFit, the fitness and social lifestyle sharing platform has officially launched for Kuala Lumpur!

KFit’s mission statement is to “Build Healthier Cities”, and they are off to a great start having enlisted celebrity fitness enthusiast Patricia Knudsen as their ambassador.

KFit - Patricia K CrossFit


KFit believes that everyone naturally would choose to be more active, but perhaps have not found the right activity yet or does not have the time to research what’s best for them. KFit is a great platform to have a taste of all the activities you’ve always wanted to try.

KFit has developed relationships with more than 400 partners which includes yoga studios, premium gyms, dance academies, martial arts gyms, climbing providers and the list goes on.

KFit app

More than 7,000 activities are available to each KFit member just this week alone, and all these are categorised by activity type, location and time availability; you can conveniently make the booking of your next activity on your mobile device.

Imagine if you had some time to kill and were stuck in the middle of rush hour central after a meeting and didn’t want to sit in traffic. You can always have your gym bag ready and scroll for a class in a new location.

KFit’s General Manager for Marketing Melissa Lee said at the launch:

Everybody is busy, but we make time for things that matter. Just remember the last time you met someone you were interested in, and suddenly you had time for lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, everything. Getting active should be a priority for everyone!

Newly appointed KFit brand ambassador, Patricia Knudsen also chimed in:


I’m so excited to be part of the KFit family, staying active is my lifestyle, and I know and feel the benefits for myself. I hope everyone gets more active, and what better to explore than with KFit!

It’s not a trick, just sign up for the KFit All-Access membership which gives you unlimited activities per month and access to all venues that are listed on KFit. With a monthly subscription fee of only RM99, you can enjoy the freedom of working out wherever and whenever you want.

This membership is also completely flexible, with no contracts to sign, and no cancellation fees.

KFit promises that it is just a matter of time, and with some exploration, that you will fall in love with at least one of the many activities, don’t forget to #myKFitlove when you do.

KFit app on phone

Download the KFit app for Android here or iOS here.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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