Despite being praised for the visual aesthetic design and acting, Ridley Scott‘s “Prometheus“, which was released in 2012, received mixed response from fans and critics due to its predictable plot and unresolved mysteries.

Since then, a number of sequel theories have emerged online, with fans attempting to explain what really happened to the characters in the movie.

Source: Games Faq
Source: Games Faq

However, all of the greatest mysteries left behind by Scott will finally be resolved as the director himself confirmed that the sequel of “Prometheus” will indeed be his next film.


According to /FILM, Scott has been wanting to develop “Prometheus 2” for the longest time. Earlier rumours suggested that it will hit theatres in spring 2016, but it was later revealed that the date was actually reserved for Scott’s upcoming sci-fi film “The Martian“.

The studio then moved up the release of “The Martian” to fall 2015 before pulling it up even closer to 2nd October this year.

The Martian - Bring Him Home

“The Martian” wasn’t the only project that Scott has worked on as he has got several projects including “The Cartel”, “Blade Runner 2“, and “Alien 5” currently brewing. With so many projects under his belt, some fans can’t help but wondered: When will Scott work on “Prometheus 2”?

During an interview with Empire about “The Martian”, Scott let slip that he was already working on “Prometheus 2”. Matt Damon, who starred in Scott’s “The Martian”, told the magazine that “the release date change was no problem for Scott”.

He said:

Ridley was done with the movie about 2 weeks after we shot!

In response to his comment, Scott confirmed “I was already on to my next movie! I was starting to look for locations for my next movie, which is Prometheus 2.


Of course, there’s no release date for “Prometheus 2” yet. Various reports, however, suggested that it will start production around January 2016 before its expected release in 2017.

20th Century Fox and Scott did not announce any sort of timeline and details for the sequel, but the director previously revealed that it will “pull back from the Xenomorphs and introduce a new alien instead”. It is unclear if the original cast members such as Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace will return to the sequel too.

Would you like to see a sequel of “Prometheus”? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Source: /FILM.

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