Who has not fantasized about that dream job? The type where you are out of the office, enjoying an ice-cold brew with your mates?

To all beer lovers, your dream job is finally here!


Are you ready to take your affinity of Carlsberg and impeccable taste buds to the next level? Carlsberg is hiring two beer tasters with an attractive remuneration package of RM10,000 each for only two days of work, 4 hours each!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it only gets better because the 2 successful Carlsberg candidates do not need to possess any experience or educational background relevant to the beer industry. All he or she needs is a burning passion and 100% love for Carlsberg brew and to be available for 2 days, undertaking the role of a Carlsberg ambassador.

What sort of “work” is required?

If Carlsberg Did... (ENG)


Carlsberg figured, what could be more enticing than to get paid to enjoy probably the best beer in the world, hang out with friends, and simply have fun? Worry about your transportation to and fro, especially after a beer? We have that covered too. Carlsberg has hired a personal chauffeur to ensure you enjoy the brews responsibly!

This is a valid recruitment advertisement which is part of the brand’s “If Carlsberg Did…” campaign launched in June this year. The recruitment ad is an extension of the latest video of “If Carlsberg Did Meeting Rooms…” which offers a refreshing take on a typical man on his way to a meeting. To the sheer delight of audiences, the man walks into an unconventional setting where the meeting was conducted in a swimming pool.


Carlsberg Malaysia’s Marketing Director Juliet Yap explained, “To bring to life the essence of our brand promise where we strive to deliver the best to our consumers, we aim to create probably the best work experience for our consumers by offering probably the best job in the world. Being a beer taster with cool responsibilities for 2 days is definitely an invaluable experience a beer lover would have ever dreamt of, and is also our unique way of rewarding of loyal consumers.”

Amplifying on the brand’s trademark humour and imagination, Carlsberg will not be following the typical hiring policy but expects candidates to step out of their comfort zone in an unconventional hiring route.

This dream job is only open to non-Muslim Malaysians aged 18 and above. You can apply for it here from today until 7th September 2015.

Go for it 😉

Probably The Best Job In The World - English

For more information, visit Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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