You’re walking down the street WhatsApp-ing your BFF when suddenly, it starts raining. For the fear of getting yourself and your not-waterproof-smartphone wet, you whip out an umbrella.

Oh, but now you need to juggle holding your umbrella in one hand and control your smartphone with the other while texting and trying not to walk into anyone, and above all, shield yourself from the rain.



The struggle is real, bro.

But now, there’s a better way to multitask thanks to a dedicated “Phone-brella”.

Created by the design wing of South Korean telecoms giant KT, kt design, the Phone-brella is basically an umbrella that is so “Get Smart” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service“-worthy that you will feel like a secret agent using it.


It’s basically an umbrella that sports a C-shaped handle that goes around your wrist like a bracelet, thus freeing your hand to text away and keep yourself as well as your smartphone dry at the same time.

For those who commute and walk a lot, the Phone-brella is incredible! We’re actually surprised that no one thought of it before – until the Koreans, that is. In fact, it’s so impressive that it just bagged a prized Red Dot Design award a little earlier this week.

Watch how it works:


The Phone-brella comes in 5 colors: Classic Grey, Smokey Gray, Blossom Red, Royal Red, and Chic Black.

Right now it’s only available as a limited edition gift for kt customers, but it won’t be long before it becomes more widely available soon.

Check out more pictures of the Phone-brella in the gallery below:

Sources: The Verge, Digital Trends, Korea Times.

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