Will you let Kaskade and Ilsey disarm you?

Keeping the momentum and hype going for his upcoming 10th studio album “Automatic“, which is slated for a release this fall, dance music maestro Kaskade has now shared the music video for his latest single “Disarm You”.

SOURCE: Kaskade YouTube
SOURCE: Kaskade YouTube

Featuring the vocals of Ilsey, the single makes for the latest track off the album and is accompanied by an animated music video. Stencilled lovebirds and silhouettes of the physical world walks fans through the song, verse by verse. Simple yet incredibly powerful, the video shows a lot of signs of love throughout, with fire portraying a burning passion as a couple tries to make it through this life together while dealing with flashes of negativity.


Ilsey’s powerful vocals truly gives meaning to what is being said, portraying the kind of emotion one goes through when having true feelings for someone. The second chorus of the track will send fans into a hyperdrive, blazing through time and space trying to get to the other person.


As the track hits its gentle ending, the couple are reunited with their love holding them together. Check out the powerful video for “Disarm You” here.

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