Did you hear? There’s an apt little hideout in town for all you Kuala Lumpur city-slickin’ DC Comics geeks!

A DC Comics-themed cafe has opened in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, serving some bad-ass yet Instagram-worthy dishes and drinks inspired by your favourite characters (Batman, Superman) from the DC Comics universe.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Sunway Putra Mall


The DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is owned by JT Network, the company that’s officially licensed to sell DC Comics merchandise throughout Asia. Of course, one would expect that if a company already holds the official DC Comics merchandise license, it would spare no expense in ensuring that their cafe reflects the brand.

As such, the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe’s decor and menus are what I’d like to call, any DC Comics geek’s dream come true. The little cafe, with not more than 10 tables, is thoughtfully decorated with graphic wall art and menus that resemble actual comic books.

Even the names of their selection of F&B are based on/named after popular DC Comics characters such as Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Penguin, The Flash, Wonder Woman, so on and so forth. The cafe has food offerings that range from dessert to savoury to suit any DC Comics fanboy/fangirl’s palate.

I personally made it a point to pay the cafe a visit over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. First, at the fact that although I arrived at the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe before 12noon, it was already packed and with a long queue in tow. In that sense, I have no other protips to share, other than just be as early as possible!

I waited for about half an hour (I was first in line on the waiting list though) before I was whisked away by the waiter to a little table at the al fresco dining area on the small balcony outside. Luckily, the waiter was really friendly and helpful which made the experience less painful 🙂

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Sunway Putra Mall 12

My order as seen in the picture above: The Dark Knight Trilogy Cookie Mocha (RM18) which came in an awesome Batman tumbler complete with a little cape, the Caped Crusader Belgian Waffles (RM15), and the Dark Detective Americano (RM9).

What I loved most was the incredible detail that went into the food preparation! The Caped Crusader Belgian Waffles came with extra sides of honey and chocolate syrup, topped off with a little Batman logo chocolate. The Dark Knight Trilogy Cookie Mocha came complete with a cocoa power bat signal on top. Too cute 🙂



It does make for countless of Instagram photos enough to pique your followers’ interest and turn your friends green with envy.

Other “super hero favourites” on the menu include pancakes, scones, pizzas, burgers (with specially made black “bat signal” buns), sandwiches, shakes, the “Dark Knight” coffee blends, and refreshing juices. Let’s just say that it’s enough to make Batman take a break from fighting Gotham crime for a bit to eat.

Because clearly, a Batman-themed burger and heavenly shake is the best way to curb any Bat-person’s hunger 😉

Here are some pictures from other DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe patrons to further convince you:















The DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is located at Unit 2-29, 2nd Floor (opposite Juice Works), Sunway Putra Mall, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. GPS coordinates for Sunway Putra Mall here.

JT Network is planning to open another similar cafe in Singapore soon.

For more information, visit DC Comics Super Heroes Malaysia’s Facebook page or JT Network’s website.

Sources: Mashable, JT Network.

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