Amid the political and economical climate in the country, if there’s anything that Malaysians need right now, it’s hope.

And in line with the need for hope, former DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin‘s daughter, Najwa Mahiaddin, has released a song to urge Malaysians to remain hopeful through these trying times.

Najwa Mahiaddin After The Rain


Titled, “After The Rain”, the haunting ballad was uploaded by Najwa herself on her Facebook page yesterday (6th August, Thursday) evening, and has since garnered over 56,000 views. In her caption, she wrote:

I believe in the power of music and its ability to heal. May this song provide comfort and strength to us all in these trying times.

The sombre, black and white music video is about 5-minute-odd long, and it also featured singer-songwriter Juny. In it, they sing, We may all fall down, but we all get up, hold your head up Malaysia, after the rain comes the sun. When life gets cold, and skies are blue, you’re not alone I am here for you, my brothers and sisters we’ll see you through. These are the times we must get through, courage and wisdom must live in you, the way of our future lies in you, from the rising of sun together we are one, we are stronger, stronger forever.”

“After The Rain” has received a lot of positive comments from Malaysians in the country as well as the ones who are overseas. Many have flocked to her Facebook page to praise her for spreading her inspirational message, calling both beautiful and tear-jerking at the same time.

Listen to it here:

Thank you, Najwa. We can’t thank you enough.

For more of Najwa Mahiaddin, visit her Facebook page. Najwa is also on Instagram so follow her.

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