If you haven’t heard of Awesome Haeun, make this your first time – and a damn memorable one!

Awesome Haeun (real name Na Ha Eun) is already pretty popular in Korea as she has previously been featured in various audition/variety shows including “Star King Kid” and in SBS’ “K-Pop Star 4”. In fact, she was known to have stolen the hearts of judges and the audience with her skills and her “aegyo” smile in “K-Pop Star 4”.

Na Ha Eun


Here the thing though, she’s only 6 years old, going on 7.

Haeun can sing, dance, and she most certainly is poised to be the next biggest K-Pop idol in Korea if she keeps at it 😉

Previously, she shimmied to 4Minute member HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” and “Change”, earning her the title as the “4-year-old HyunA”. She also has various dance cover videos on her YouTube channel, which has over 67,000 subscribers. Her most recent dance cover, uploaded on 2nd July has captured the attention of K-Pop fans, garnering more than a million views in just a few weeks.

Awesome Haeun SISTAR Shake It

And it’s of none other than sexy K-Pop idol girl group SISTAR‘s hit single, “Shake It”.

Personally, we’ve watched it a few times and we can’t get over how cute Haeun is! She even got all the dance moves down pat and that smile, oh that smile. It’s no wonder that she’s Korea’s little sweetheart.

Watch, and be amazed:


So cute, right? We know! Be right back, watching it again.

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