If anything, water should be free. Because it’s a basic human need. With people spending billions per year on bottled water globally on one end of the world and people struggling for a sip on the other end of the world, it’s safe to say that water is the most in-demand commodity in the world.

“Its easier to find free WiFi than free water these days.”

Luckily, there’s such a thing called “Free for All” – Malaysia’s first brand of free mineral water.


In many developing countries like Malaysia, where there is not a safe source of tap water, bottled water becomes a somewhat trusted option. In other words, Malaysians have no other choice but to purchase water. However, with “Free For All”, attention is all that you pay for.

Their movement begins across Klang Valley, where they distribute tens of thousands of bottles to consumers who can pick it up whenever without being charged a single ringgit.

Free For All Mineral Water

Oh, and they don’t just distribute their bottles at random places; the good people at “Free For All” carefully select all their distribution partners based on location where the youth frequently “haunt” such as cafes, boutiques, universities as well as events and music festivals.

But don’t worry, they also plan to distribute these bottles across Malaysia eventually.

Slowly but surely!


For more information, visit their website or Facebook page. They’re also on Instagram so you might want to stalk them to find out where you can cop free water 😉

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