Inspirits (as fans of INFINITE are lovingly known), we know you are probably still recovering from the epicness that is Sunggyu’s album, but you’ll be rewarded with more awesomeness as your favourite boy group will be returning to the music scene soon.

INFINITE is in the midst of preparing a new album and will be making a comeback this July, a music industry official has revealed. The boy group is reported to be recording songs for their upcoming album and also undergoing preparations for their 2nd world tour.

tsitWoollim Entertainment confirmed the news, stating:


They will take on an image unlike anything they have shown previously. Please anticipate their comeback.

In other news, INFINITE’s world tour, titled “2015 INFINITE 2nd WORLD TOUR – INFINITE EFFECT”, will commence on 8th and 9th August 2015 in Seoul at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Aside from South Korea, they will be travelling the globe to perform for their fans. However, the schedule for their world tour hasn’t been released yet.

In anticipation for their world tour, their talent agency has released a few teaser photos.

Take a look at them in the gallery below:

While they did release 2 Japanese singles in between their hiatus, the members of INFINITE have mainly been busy with solo activities since the group made their last Korean comeback on 22nd July 2014 with “Be Back”. Leader Sunggyu made his return as a solo artiste with his 2nd solo album titled “27“, and has recently concluded his album promotions which started on 11th May.

INFINITE F (made up of members Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong) made their Korean debut and released a single album titled “Azure” on 2nd December 2014, while Hoya and Dongwoo made a comeback as hip-hop duo INFINITE H with their 2nd album titled “Fly High” on 26th January 2015.


Members Hoya, L, and Sungjong have also been busy with their filming commitments. Hoya appears in the SBS drama, “Mask”, as one of the supporting actors while L will be appearing in SBS drama “The Time We Were Not In Love” starting 27th June. Sungjong has joined the line-up of MBC’s popular military training program “Real Men”.

Do you think INFINITE will drop by Malaysia as part of their world tour? What do you think their comeback concept will be this time round? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comments box below.


Sources: Koreaboo, Kpop Starz

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