White is considered the colour of perfection, as it is often associated with purity and innocence.

This summer, Boston-based New Balance achieves a whole new level of perfection by launching the new MRT580XX. This reinterpretation of the classic 580 drew inspiration from the season’s rising fashion trends and was designed with the fashion-conscious consumers in mind.

It will be made available in Asia in a clean all-white look, delivered in special packaging that features the same thematic elements from the enclosed shoe.


New Balance All White Special Edition MRT580XX 7

The 580 has been one of the most well-known New Balance heritage silhouettes since 1996. Incorporated with the brand’s lightweight REVlite midsole, it is now reimagined with an all-white treatment to suit the ever-changing urban style. The resulting clean look on this classic silhouette offers versatility in completing an outfit and gives birth to a chic sophisticated minimal look.

MRT580XX is intricately designed to achieve that casual but refined, classic yet contemporary look. White genuine leather with embossed crocodile skin-like finish is used on the sneakers, providing a hint of organic texture that refines the shoe’s minimalist white look. White straight lined crosses are evenly scattered throughout the shoe, establishing a contrast with the raw quality of the surface material. It also lends to an intriguingly coherent overall style. Inherited from the brand’s performance line, ultra reflective details are placed on the shoe tongue, the “N” logo and the white-cross patterning.

Not only do these details bring out the theme of contrasting elements, they also daringly highlight the crucial character of the shoes wearer. The choice of roundish shoelaces further emphasises the clean and assertive look.

The brand’s careful consideration of how this shoe is presented is more than applause-worthy. Echoing the theme of contrast, the package features a crisp and cool classic colour combo of a black shoebox with a white wrapper. Elaborate details like the mini crosses that pop on the wrapping paper and the crocodile skin texture etched on the black shoebox further demonstrate New Balance’s determination to offer a unique fashion experience with the 580XX.

This special edition sneaker is luxuriously designed with the suggested retail price of RM699. It will be flying off the shelves at select New Balance outlets on 28th June 2015. The shoes are limited edition & exclusive as only 22 pairs of MRT580XX are available in Malaysia.

For more information, please visit New Balance’s official website.

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