Well, it looks like we just found another reason to dance at any given moment. Saint Pepsi Skylar Spence, an American electronic music project by Ryan DeRobertis, is back with yet another life-giving dance jam and DeRobertis’ disco ball.

The 22-year-old American musician has been making waves in the music scene for quite a while, with last year’s “Fiona Coyne” (which is really a song you must listen to) receiving positive acclaim from the likes of Stereogum and Pitchfork.

Skylar Spence


Having started the project in December 2012, DeRobertis released multiple albums and singles as Saint Pepsi. His music has been described in many terms including “vaporwave”, “disco pop”, “future pop”, “liquid disco”, “slowjam”, and “gibber boogie”. After officially changing his project name to Skylar Spence, he returned to the music scene with the release of “Can’t You See”, a gleeful new song off his forthcoming debut LP “Prom King”.

“Can’t You See”, which comes with incredibly danceable grooves, finds Spence being vain and obsessed with himself, to the point of wanting to kiss himself:

I’m in love with my own reflection
And I feel like I could dance all night/ I’m in love with my own reflection
I can hardly keep myself together
In the heat of the moment, I thought that I could kiss myself.

With disco-infused beat and tuneful melodies, the song proves that Spence is ready to elevate into something that feels more significant. Whether you’re a first-time listener or a longtime dance jam fan, this song could be your new favourite dance jam.


UPDATE (8th July, 12:28AM):

Remember Rob Pinkston? The one who played Coconut Head in Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”? The actor recently appeared in the official music video of “Can’t You See”, the latest single off Skylar Spence’s debut album.


Directed by Tim Hendrix, the video starred Pinkston as a nerdy protagonist who became hopelessly in love with his bespectacled co-worker. He daydreamed about himself (who apparently looks way more stylish than he does in real life) going on a road trip with his co-worker while riding an invisible motorcycle. However, those only happened in his dream. Despite his clumsiness, he decided to be fearless and tried to confess his love to her with flowers and present.

But of course, that didn’t end up well. Things eventually get weirder as the doppelgänger he saw in his dream has appeared in real life. Needless to say, things eventually get weirder from there.

Watch what went down by the end of the video here:

“Prom King” is slated for release on 18th September via Carpark Records. It is currently available for pre-order on Apple’s iTunes store.

For more information, visit his official Facebook page.

Source: Gorilla vs. Bear

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