Hottests (as fans of 2PM are lovingly known), prepare to freak out because 2PM is gonna be back, very, very soon!

On 11th June, JYP Entertainment revealed a new teaser video for 2PM‘s title track “My House (우리집). This came after the release of the teaser photos and track list for their upcoming album, “No.5“.

Source: 2PM Official Facebook
Source: 2PM Official Facebook

In the video, a pair of mysterious man and woman can be seen walking down a corridor, with the sound of a clock ticking playing in the background. As clock ticking escalates, the man can be seen approaching a door and entering the code “2-P-M” into what is presumed to be the security system of the door. At the end of the teaser, Jun.K can be heard singing, “Eyyy girl, take you home tonight.”


We know words are not sufficient, so take a look at the teaser here:

In conjunction with their comeback, the members of 2PM will also be starring in a comeback special by Naver, titled “2pm Naver Starcast On Air” on 15th June. The programme will feature 2PM performing their title track live for the first time, as well as preparing home made gifts that will be given out to a few lucky Hottests.

The album “No.5″ will also be released digitally and physically on 15th June 2015, the same day the music video for “My House (우리집)” will be unveiled.

Source: Koreaboo

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