Pixar can’t and won’t stop taking the audience on an adventure, and we’re not complaining.

With just weeks away from the release of “Inside Out“, a film that takes place in a young girl’s mind with each emotions operating in the “headquarters” of her mind, Pixar has just released a new movie teaser titled “The Good Dinosaur”, a film that takes us back to a time when humans live in an uncomplicated and undemanding aura.

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

Apparently, “The Good Dinosaur” intrigues a question – a question that will lead to heaps of “What if?”s. Okay, now, what if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs missed the Earth completely? What if dinosaurs still exist? Guess no more as we’ve got Pixar Animation Studios to take you on an adventurous journey!

In “The Good Dinosaur”, audiences will step into the world of dinosaurs, which centres an Apatosaurus named Arlo who gets separated from his troop and must find his way back home to his family. Along the journey, he has make an unlikely human friend and through hardships and deprivation, Arlo learns the power to conquer his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

Known for his short film “Partly Cloudy”, Peter Sohn will helm the movie based on the screenplay by Enrico Casarosa and Bob Peterson. In addition to his past roles in various movies, Sohn has participated in the art, story and animation departments as well as a voice cast of Emile (Remy’s brother) from Academy Award-winning “Ratatouille” and Scott “Squishy” Squibbles from “Monsters University”.

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

“Arlo himself is what we would have become, able to articulate and have certain emotions and connection to family,” Sohn explained. “They’ve become us, essentially… I’m trying to treat Spot in a very kind of animalistic way, where he doesn’t speak very much. He’s very feral.” said Sohn during an interview with Yahoo regarding his first full feature as a director.

Sohn is indeed one of a kind director as he uses the nature itself as a main antagonist, which helps explains why the ambience are the most realistic looking backdrops ever seen in Pixar film.

Produced by Denise Ream, the film stars the voice talents of Lucas Neff, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bil Hader, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Watch the extremely adorable teaser trailer here:


UPDATE (22nd July, 12:15PM):

The official trailer for “The Good Dinosaur” has hit the web and it featured some of the best photorealistic CGI work we’ve ever seen. Pixar Animations once again put their visuals at the forefront in the trailer, giving us real emotions despite the lack of dialogue.


“The Good Dinosaur” is slated to hit theatres on Thanksgiving Day, 25th November 2015.

Source: Yahoo, Comingsoon (Featured image)

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