Grammy award-winning French DJ/producer Cedric Gervais sure has a lot going for him, and he’s just getting started.

Known to be the DJ/producer with music running through his veins, he actually started DJing at his father’s club in the south of France at the young age of 15. By the time he turned 19, he left for Miami to pursue his dreams. Cedric arrived in the US not speaking a word of English but he soon gained residencies at Crobar (now Cameo) and Nikki Beach, before taking over as DJ at the Club Space Terrace.

Pic credit: Oh Dag Yo
Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

But was that enough for him? No siree.


He then taught himself the ropes of production and before you know it, he signed his first single, “Burning”, to Ultra Records.

20 years later, not only has he made a name in the dance music industry, his CV garners much envy. We’re talking about the likes of multi platinum selling singles, to a string of successful club releases and successful remixes, a weekly global radio show and even an acting debut in Michael Bay’s “Pain & Gain” alongside Mark Wahlberg! It’s safe to say that Cedric has had a long and successful career but he’s not quite done yet 😉

Pic credit: Oh Dag Yo
Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

We e-mailed Cedric recently for a flash interview to find out what he has been doing. Here’s what went down:

Hi Cedric! Where are you right now and what are you currently up to?

I’m back in Miami working in the studio, trying to finish a lot of projects.

You recently played here in Malaysia. What do you remember most about that gig?

The energy and the crowd, it was unbelievable! I had a great time.

You released your first album in 2006, and then “Miamication” in 2011, it’s 2015 now so considering the years in between, is there a new album in the works?


Yes there is! That’s what I’m working on at the moment. I have no idea when it will be ready but working on it.

You released “Love Again” featuring Ali Tamposi. Great stuff and we love her vocals! Did you both get some studio time together?

Yes we did it…was a great process. She is an amazing artiste and I love working with her. We have more stuff coming in the future.

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015
Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

Being well ­travelled but based in the US, what’s your take on the current electronic dance music scene there? How different is it from the UK/Europe?

The electronic music scene in the United States is great and it’s getting bigger and bigger. In Europe, it has always been great and always will be.

You’ve done quite a few remixes in the past. Do you have a wishist/checklist of artistes that you’d like to collab with soon?

There are so many…. I don’t know where to start.

What’s your stand on the perception that dance music and drugs go hand­in­-hand?

It doesn’t. It’s just some people’s opinions.

What else is in the pipeline for you this year? Any upcoming projects that you can talk about?

I’m just in the studio working on many projects right now.

Thanks Cedric for the chat!

We’ll leave you now with Cedric Gervais’ “Love Again” featuring Ali Tamposi.


For more information, visit his Facebook page.

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