We are children of the wild.

Former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello first debuted “Children of the Wild” in March at Ultra Music Festival but today, he has released a studio version of the track, featuring Mako.

The release (not so coincidentally) falls on International Children’s Day, and as a father himself, Steve’s connection to the initiative behind the music is pretty obvious. Not only that, Angello also embraces his philanthropic efforts by donating all proceeds from Spotify plays of the song this month to the Save the Children and Nepal Disaster Relief Fund.


The Save the Children Fund, also known as Save the Children is an international non-government organisation (NGO) that advocates children’s right, provides relief as well as to support children in developing countries. The organisation was first established in the United Kingdom in 1919 intended to improve the lives of children by providing better education, health care, economic opportunities and supplying necessary aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts.

In addition, the UK organisation consists of 30 other national Save the Children organisations who are members of Save the Children International, a global network of non-profit organisations supporting local partners in over 120 countries around the world.

Source: Shatterprooffilms
Source: Shatterprooffilms

The track has been developed by Steve since it first premiered. Although it’s melancholic, this time, the track evokes a keen sense of emotional and miserable journey featuring lead vocals and a youth choir. “Children of the Wild” is not just a bass-heavy summer anthem but also a track to convey meaningful messages.

We are in a century where streaming statistics are now more eminent than record sales and with that efficiency, “Children Of The Wild” aims to prove that stream numbers actually mean something real – to lend a helping hand to children globally that are in need help.

Spare some time to listen to “Children of the Wild”. It won’t take you long 😉




For more on Save the Children, check out their website.

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