Art and music enthusiasts, rejoice! Tiger Translate, the platform that champions creativity in art and music, has returned bolder and edgier the 2nd time around.

Tiger Translate has already established itself globally as an arena that features unconventional collaborations of art and music. The event, which started a few years ago, have travelled through cities such as Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Mongolia, Cambodia, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Dublin and Auckland. After making its debut in Malaysia last year, Tiger Translate 2015 will once again bring forth a pulsating composition of tunes and stylistic display of art.

The adaptation here is no different as Tiger Translate continues to showcase creative “east meets west” efforts by local and international artists.


Tiger Translate KV 10

Tiger Beer marketing manager Tai See Wai said in a statement:

From the global accomplishment and our well-received debut last year, we can attest that Tiger Translate is emerging to be a good avenue for urban art and live music. We are very excited with the return of this platform that uncages new experiences in art and music. It pushes the envelope of creativity and we’re glad to present more amazing talents from both the eastern and western arena. We trust the fans will once again appreciate what we have lined up for them.

Before the main event takes centre stage on 13th June, Tiger Translate kicked off with 3 satellite shows.

The first satellite show was held on  27th May, with local favourites Amoura, dayDream and Reach for the Skies performing with much enthusiasm at Laundry, The Curve.

Car Crash Hearts, Mad August and M.O.I.S.T will perform on 10th June at Bricks & Barrels, Desa Sri Hartamas while Grand Theft Xperiment, MoBeat, and Damn Dirty Apes will serenade fans at SOHO Gastropub in Precinct 10 on 5th June in Penang.

The finale, which will bring forth a strong collection of alternative art, is set to take place at APW in Bangsar. The new iconic Tiger will be reinterpreted abstractly by local artist Nicholas Choong, who has been commissioned by the brand to design all Tiger Translate key art featured on all posters, and merchandising. Look out for a 3D Tiger art sculpture by Thailand’s Rukkit Kuanhawate, a funky bar designed by Hong Kong’s Parent’s Parents, a glass art installation by Louise Low as well as contemporary art pieces by Malaysia-based Andrew T-Crum.

Artistic fans can also demonstrate their creative flairs by throwing paint-filled water balloons on a blank canvas to create a large piece of art while early birds get to take home a limited edition Tiger Translate/Huggaz beer bottle sleeves designed by Rukkit, Low and Parent’s Parents.


On the music front, Tiger Translate has assembled an amazing line-up of indie musicians from near and far including homegrown artistes Twilight Action Girl and rock band They Will Kill Us All, My Little Airport from Hong Kong, Wonfu from Taiwan, as well as British acts Tim Exile and Blood Red Shoes.!

For more on Tiger Translate and its past events, please visit their official website.

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