Dvbbs pumps it up!

Known for their flamboyant live sets, DVBBS are one of the most notable duos across the EDM spectrum. Ranging from big room to progressive house to tropical house, we’ve learned that the Canadian duo have no limitations nor boundaries when it comes to making music, high-quality music at that.

Source: Facebook- DVBBS
Source: Facebook- DVBBS

Ever since their massive hit, “Tsunami” in 2013, they have experimented in various styles as can be seen in their last release “Always”, which features a tropical house approach.


The track which featured a somewhat a groovy melody, definitely caught fans by surprise and now, while the short departure of their original sound was welcomed, the brothers are back with their upbeat festival sound that is designed to satisfy big room lovers.

Source: Facebook- DVBBS
Source: Facebook- DVBBS

Their latest release, “White Clouds”, establishes itself with a bubbly opening melody complemented by a faint vocal loop before the pair adds in synth lines into the mix. DVBBS then delivers with a massive progressive house drop that reflects “Gold Skies”, allowing the adrenaline to rush in your veins that will pump you up.

Listen to “White Clouds” below:

“White Clouds” is available for purchase here. You can also stalk Dvbbs via these platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Source: EDMTunes, featured image via DVBBS Facebook.

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