‘Tis the season to be canning TV series, it seems!

First aired on CBS in 2000, “Crime Scene Investigaton” aka “CSI” is an American crime drama TV series that centres on a dedicated group of forensic investigators at the Las Vegas Crime Lab, working to solve often-grisly crimes in Sin City.

CSI Cancelled


Heading up the graveyard shift (an appropriate term in this case) is supervisor D.B. Russell, a “Left Coast” Sherlock Holmes who devours crime novels. Members of Russell’s team include Julie Finlay, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle (the team’s moral compass), Greg Sanders, and Morgan Brody. The investigative team works closely with Capt. Jim Brass (a seasoned detective who is a protector of CSI), Dr. Al Robbins (medical examiner), and quirky lab technician David Hodges.

Previous leaders of the group include Gil Grissom and Dr. Ray Langston.

It was so immensely popular that it even went on to spawn spin-offs such as “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: NY”. Alas, rumours are now surfacing that CBS has canceled the show, although the network has yet to make an official announcement. Vulture originally broke the news on Twitter last week:

Industry insiders are reporting that the network will finish off the show, which wrapped its 15th season in February, with a 2-hour long movie. EW reports that original CSI star William Petersen may return for the special, as well. CBS did not return request for comment on the rumours.

Spinoff show, “CSI: Cyber” has, however, been renewed for a 2nd season.


Sources: HuffPost TV, EW.

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