Last week, Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an “Avengers”-related interview when Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked him about his “dark periods”. At the time, Robert Downey Jr. said, “It’s getting a little Diane Sawyer in here.”

This was largely due to the fact that notorious interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked about Robert’s relationship with his father (the film star Robert Downey Senior) and the role it played in the dark periods he went through – the drug-taking and drinking – and whether he feels he’s free of all of that now.

Robert Downey Jr Channel 4 News Krishnan Interview


To which Robert shook his head, said, “I’m sorry, I really don’t .. what are we doing?” before walking out on the interview, bringing it to an abrupt end.

Now, in what seems like a response to the uncomfortable interview, Robert posted a photo with none other than the actual Diane Sawyer. “A corrective experience with legitimate journalism,” he wrote in the Instagram caption.

In case you missed it, here:

Whoops! Someone pass Krishnan Guru-Murthy some aloe vera gel because he just got burned.

Source: HuffPost Ent.

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