Rejoice, Inspirits (as INFINITE fans are lovingly called)! Kim Sunggyu of INFINITE is finally ready to make a solo comeback soon 😀

On 27th April, a teaser image for his upcoming solo album was uploaded on the group’s official social media accounts. The caption reads, “INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu’s second solo album title is??

INFINITE Kim Sunggyu 2015
Image source: INFINITE’s official Facebook page

Sunggyu was the 1st INFINITE member to debut as a solo artiste. Titled “Another Me”, his 1st solo album was released on 7th November 2012. Kim Jongwan of modern rock band NELL, who is Sunggyu’s personal idol, composed the single “Shine” and gave it to him as a gift. The song was pre-released on 7th November as well.


A number of artistes were featured in his debut solo album, including Sweetune who created the modern rock lead single “60 Seconds”. INFINITE member L starred in the music video of the song as the main character. Sunggyu himself has also participated in the creative process of the album as he was involved in writing the lyrics for his single “41 Days”.

As for his upcoming solo album, it was reported that Sunggyu has enlisted the help of Jongwan. He has also been working on his group’s upcoming comeback album, which is slated for release in May.

Titled “27”, Woollim Entertainment stated that the album’s name “expresses the ideas and music that Kim Sunggyu has expressed at the age of 27”. They added:

It is a refreshing album that exaggerates and represents youth through his own stories.

No further information regarding his new solo album were released, but it is scheduled for release in early May.

(Source: Koreaboo)

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