Barely 24 hours after news of JAKIM-set entertainment rules/guidelines first surfaced and resounding protests (some more verbal than others) from netizens, JAKIM is now saying that they’re merely reminders. This is, of course, coming not long after Malaysian promoters and organisers (ALIFE) came forward to voice their concerns over these new “rules”.

According to The Star Online, Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha said that the new set of guidelines for the entertainment industry is merely a reminder following “improvements” to the old one in 2007.

Sepang F1 Post-Race Concert 2015
“The objective of the new guidelines is to educate the entertainment industry. There is no enforcement, it is voluntarily for them (the entertainment industry),” he told reporters after attending National Fatwa Council Special Conference in Putrajaya. He added that the guidelines were meant for the entire industry, not merely for live concerts and international performances.


Othman said the guidelines were not lawful in nature but with improvements after taking the views of stakeholders on recent developments in the industry. He said it was up to the respective states to decide on how best to implementation the guidelines.

He also denied that the guidelines come in the wake of the decision by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry to blacklist the organisers of the controversial fanmeeting event by male South Korean K-Pop idol boy group B1A4 over the hugging and kissing female Malay fans on stage.

B1A4 and K-Pop girl
JAKIM’s new guidelines include the segregation of males and females during concerts.

Source: The Star Online.

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