Just 2 weeks after buying tickets to Ed Sheeran‘s show in New Zealand, a fan named Jess Knight was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She had to go through multiple chemotherapy sessions and a bone marrow transplant, rendering her too weak to attend his concert.

With her friends’ help, Knight decided to kickstart a social media campaign, begging Sheeran to visit her in the hospital.

Her friend Anna Strong also set up a Facebook page titled “Ed Visit Jess” while her family and friends made #KiaOraEdPlsVisitJess a trending topic on Twitter.


The media caught hold of her story, but Knight wanted to give up as there were no responses from the singer. Her efforts eventually paid off as Sheeran surprised Knight in Auckland Hospital on her 20th birthday.

During an interview with One News, Knight said that she “had butterflies, a lot of butterflies” and described him as a “genuinely nice guy, just very chill and down to earth.”

She spent half an hour with Sheeran, talking about food, films, and his upcoming visit in South America. He even posed for photos and selfies:

According to Knight’s father, Sheeran even took some time to visit the other occupants in the hospital.

Want to see how it went down at the hospital? Just watch the video below:

Sheeran also recently surprised a couple at their wedding reception and patiently posed for photos with his fans in Adelaide.


The singer is currently on tour in New Zealand after a string of shows in Australia.

Source: Daily Mail

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