Florence and the Machine made their presence felt even before they officially released their upcoming album on 2nd June. Titled “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, the album will consist of 11 tracks, including “What Kind of Man” and “Ship to Wreck”.

On 13th April, the English indie rock band debuted a new music video for “Ship to Wreck”.

Florence and The Machine Ship to Wreck


Directed by Vincent Haycock and choreographed by Ryan Heffington, the video was filmed in lead vocalist Florence Welch’s own home. In the video, Welch finds herself being stuck in a doomed relationship as she can be seen scurrying from room to room while her alter-ego wreaks havoc on her relationship with her boyfriend.

When asked to describe the song, Welch said:

I was thinking about my own self-destructive side, and how you can make something only to tear it down. When you’re in that whirlwind, you often end up breaking the thing you love the most.

“Ship to Track” is the 4th single off their upcoming album.

The full track list is as follows:

  1. Ship To Wreck
  2. What Kind of Man
  3. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
  4. Queen of Peace
  5. Various Storms & Saints
  6. Delilah
  7. Long & Lost
  8. Caught
  9. Third Eye
  10. St Jude
  11. Mother

Haycock previously helmed the band’s music video for “What Kind of Man” while Heffington, who’s best known for his work on Sia’s “Chandelier” clip, also handled the choreography for “Ship to Wreck”.

Watch the well-choreographed video for “Ship to Wreck” below:


For more information on the band’s new album, visit their official website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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