Okay, so, forget about #TheDress or #CatGate, this next one is bound to stump both young and old.

A primary school mathematics question has been making the rounds on Facebook and stirring up debate. Well, not so much mathematics but logic, probably. Uh, we think?

First shared by Singaporean TV presented Kenneth Kong via his Facebook page, the “logic” question has been shared more than 3,000 times since it first surfaced on Saturday (11th April). And counting. Kenneth Kong captioned the post, “This question causes a debate with my wife… and it’s a P5 question.”


In case you missed it, here:

Needless to say, the post quickly the attention of people beyond just Singapore, where it originated from. The Australian Federation of International Students shared it on its Facebook page, and it was posted on reddit and Philosophy Forums.

But someone somewhere has come up with a plausible answer for the above, uh, riddle. And we take it that it wasn’t from a primary 5 student.

See if you understand the answer:

According to The Straits Times, Singapore’s maths syllabus – which has a strong focus on problem solving and using model drawings – has been adopted in a number of South-east Asian countries, the US, and even South America.

However, Singapore parents have raised concerns at times that pupils are being placed under tremendous stress in school.


Do you have an alternative answer? Could you have solved the problem if you were a primary 5 student? Feel free to discuss this in the comments box below!

Sources: Kenneth Kong’s Facebook page, The Straits Times.

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