Ever since YG Entertainment released the mysterious teaser for BIGBANG‘s comeback, fans have been waiting in anticipation for any piece of news regarding their beloved boys. In an industry where most K-pop bands have their comebacks at least once in every 6 months, VIPs (as BIGBANG fans are lovingly called) have every reason to be excited about the comeback because BIGBANG last made their comeback in 2012.

Thus, it came as no surprise that they would look forward to anything that has to do with the boys. Case in point, a few photos that were recently uploaded by spectators who spotted them shooting their music video in Los Angeles.

SOURCE: sunny_94_cha

The photo above showed Seungri wearing a leather jacket while sporting a blond hairstyle. Needless to say, it sent VIPs into a frenzy!


Although the other members were nowhere to be seen, the video crew that crowded around Seungri suggested that a music video shoot was on-going.


In another photo, G-Dragon can be seen pushing Taeyang around in a wheelchair. While some fans speculated that Taeyang was suffering from an injury, other fans think that they were just fooling around as they had playful expressions on their faces.

However, a press statement by YG Entertainment on 12th May 2015 confirmed that Taeyang was indeed injured! Fans need not panic, as the ankle injury is a minor one and it is not expected to interfere with their upcoming world tour and comeback. Taeyang has been receiving physiotherapy for the injury.

Most of the fans loved Seungri’s blonde hairdo, but they are craving for photos of Daesung and T.O.P too. How about you? Excited for their comeback yet?

Source: DramafeverKoreaboo

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