Penang-born songstress reminds us that we are awesome.

One can consider Bihzhu‘s new single as an antidote for all the “whatever-happened-to-me” moments they’ve experience. The single titled “Bright Veins” encourages listeners to seek life with wide-hearted optimism as delivered in her trademark soulful voice that lifts from coy flirting and teasing to commanding, which she blends with ease and flamboyance.

Bright Veins Single Cover


“Bright Veins” was written at a spiritual retreat in Australia and the song bubbles with positivity as it reflects on love, life, beauty and finding one’s inner voice. Featuring Bihzhu’s jazz-pop influence, the single contains glorious harmonies and a mélange of homely instruments.

Slightly over three minutes long, “Bright Veins” is honey-wrapped in melodious refrains and builds from quiet introduction to a rousing conclusion. And while Bihzhu’s message of self-worth is weighted by an air of authority, she also expresses childlike wonder and praise at how this can be achieved.

Listen to “Bright Veins” below:

For more on Bihzhu, stalk her via her official website and Facebook page.

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