Kickoff your April weekend with the alluring duo – Kim Lee and Kat Nova!

Collectively known as DJ KimKat, they’re known to have a knack for recognising exciting melodies. As such, the multi-talented women began pursuing their dream of being internationally-recognised DJs.



Since 2007, DJ KimKat connected over their mutual aspirations and have quickly become a highly sought act in the DJ commodity. The Los Angeles natives have toured across the United States from Scottsdale to New York and internationally from Korea to Vietnam, captivating crowds with their unique electro sets.

Expertly infusing EDM, Hip-Hop, Trance, and Top 40, DJ KimKat grace any venue that they play at with unrivaled energy and compelling music selection. Heck, we even hard the opportunity to experience that aboard Livescape Asia’s inaugural “It’s The Ship” festival cruise.


Their stylish visual aesthetic brings another tantalizing component to an already enviable presentation.

On top of that, the dynamic duo is currently working on their debut album, and is prepared to prove that they can create their own music capable of fascinating the masses. Although KimKat will produce several tracks themselves, they have already secured several high-profile collaborators including Brian Kennedy, the man responsible for such hits as Rihanna’s “Disturbia” and Chris Brown’s “Forever”.

But don’t just let us brag about KimKat, check out the video from their “Life in Color” gig in Seoul:

PLAY club at The Roof is proud to present DJ KimKat on 4th April and is supported by Jagermeister, DEFINE, UBER, Most Wanted Entertainment and Sound Box Asia.


Cover charge is RM75 and doors open from 10pm.

For more information, call their hotline at 013 2703111 or visit their Facebook page.

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