Serena Williams is the “Beyoncé” of tennis.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams, gives new light to Beyoncé‘s “7/11” by dancing out to the highly energetic track. Williams recently recorded a new cover version of Bey’s “7/11” by giving it a sporty and sassy twist.


Now, while her posse’s are not quite as flawless nor as cool as Queen Bey’s, William’s moves are pretty spot on. The video opens with Serena playfully bouncing a tennis ball on her racket in time to Beyoncé’s voice declaring, “smack it, smack it, in the air”


From there, the video follows Serena as she practices her serves, fool around in a golf cart, stunt in the bathroom mirror, hit a bunch of tennis balls, do a handstand in front of some towels and gets down with the staff and patrons of what looks like a private tennis club.


Serena is also seen tangoing with her trainer and given that this is a remake of Beyoncé’s vide, a little bit of twerking ws thrown in for good fun. On board and totally excited about the parody, Queen Bey shared the video on her Facebook page, captioning it as “So cute”.

Watch Serena’s sporty version of Beyoncé’s “7/11” below:

Check out the original video here.

via Billboard

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