British American Tobacco (BAT) Malaysia has urged the public not to spread a false cigarette price list on social media.

In a statement, the company said that the price list was false and a police report had been lodged over the matter. “We therefore urge members of the public not to spread this false price list,” said the statement.
Source: Facebook
Click to enlarge (Source: Facebook)

The pricelist is believed to have been circulated on social media since yesterday (Tuesday, 24th March).

To be fair, we too saw it circulating on our Facebook newsfeeds as well as Twitter timelines but something was seemingly “off” about it. Perhaps it was the way, “Bermula 1 april 2015,harga rokok di setiap atau permis berdaftar adalah berikut.” was written. If it was official, the person who was tasked to prepare this would’ve probably capitalised and spaced.


In fact, we’re not sure if “harga rokok di setiap atau permis berdaftar” makes any sense. What is a “permis”, anyway?

Source: The Star Online.

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