Hello, everyone! I am Bii 畢書盡. This is my first time holding a solo concert in Malaysia, so I am a little nervous right now.

Taiwanese-Korean singer Bii could not shake off his nervousness when he was on the stage of his first overseas solo concert in Malaysia. Titled “Bii My Love”, the concert was held on Saturday (21st March) evening at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur. The 25-year-old singer, who released his latest album “Action Bii” last year, had been working very hard for the concert as he frequently visited the practice room for rehearsals.



Fortunately, his hard work paid off when the concert venue was filled with both local and overseas fans. Not to mention, various local celebrities and radio personalities were there to support him too. The concert was well equipped with a powerful PA system and lighting rig, but the absence of the stage extension made it slightly harder for fans to enjoy the concert. Of course, it didn’t matter for the hardcore fans as they became mesmerised by his powerful vocals and slick dance moves.

Bii kicked off his solo concert by performing “你在ㄍㄧㄥ什麼? (Baby Don’t)”, a song he composed but was accused of plagiarism because it sounded similar to CNBLUE‘s “I’m Sorry”. The singer previously revealed during a press conference that since both songs shared the same pop-rock genre, the similarities were inevitable. He then surprised the audience by performing a remix of his own song “Feel Good” and Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You”. Considering how rare it was for him to perform an English song during a concert, the performance definitely came as a surprise for most of the fans.

But the surprises didn’t end there.

After he performed “Bellucia” and “Xie Gei Ni De Ge (写给你的歌)”, he once again surprised his fans by performing his own rendition of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. Though he mispronounced some of the lyrics, he managed to get the crowd to sing along to the song.

Born and raised in Korea by his mother, Bii had a hard time growing up as he had to speak in both Korean and Mandarin. But it was nonetheless essential for him as he was able to showcase his multilingual ability during the concert. He performed his own rendition of Japanese rock band One OK Rock’s “Whenever You Are” and his own Korean song “The Breeze” too.


Having promoted their albums in Malaysia last November, Dino Lee 李玉璽 and Ian Chen 陳彥允 fulfilled their promises and returned to Malaysia to guest perform at Bii’s concert. Hailing all the way from Taiwan, Dino and Ian emerged onstage to perform some of their hit singles including “Fang Xia Lu Xing (放下, 旅行)”, “Ji Yin Jue Ding Wo Ai (基因決定我愛你)”, “Revolution”, and so on.

Bii and Guest Performers

They weren’t the only guest performers of the night, of course.

Towards the end of the concert, Malaysian-born singer Andrew Tan 陳勢安 made a surprise appearance onstage to perform “Shi Zai Bi Xing (势在必行)” with Bii. Although Andrew only came onstage for 3 songs, he was greeted with rapturous response from the fans. Both of them reunited with Dino and Ian to perform as a band called “Four Knights Of Eagle Music”. Taiwanese-born singer Miu Chu 朱俐靜, who was the only female guest performer of the night, then joined them to perform “Everything Changes”.

The highlight of the concert was when Bii performed Hyuna and Hyunseung’s “Trouble Maker” with Miu. Fans screamed in jealousy and excitement as both Bii and Miu shared various intimate moments onstage. After a short break, Miu re-joined Bii and Andrew onstage to perform “Tian Hou (天后)”.

Bii and the Band

Much to the delight of the audience, Bii also offered a brand new song called “B-A-B-Y”. He jokingly explained that the word “B-A-B-Y” is also an abbreviation of  “Bii Always Be Yours”. The song will most likely appear on Bii’s upcoming album, but it is unclear when he will release it.

A new band called “Lao Ding” made their debut at Bii’s concert too and together with Bii, they mesmerised the audience through the live acoustic version of Bii’s ballads including “I Wanna Say”, “By My Side”, “Zhuan Shen Zhi Hou”, and so on.

Before closing the show with a slew of confetti, Bii thanked his fans for attending his concert. “I don’t feel anything during rehearsals, so I didn’t expect myself to cry tonight, ” he said with tears rolling in his eyes. He also hoped that no matter how old he is, fans would still come to his concert and support him. Fans were spotted holding up the white banner that read, “Bii, thank you for singing for us” during the encore session. They then held up the red banner that read, “Bii Together, Bii Forever” when he was performing “Ni Gei Wo De Ai (你给我的爱)”.

“Bii My Love Live In Malaysia” Set List:

  1. Baby Don’t
  2. Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake) + Feel Good
  3. Bellucia
  4. Xie Gei Ni De Ge (写给你的歌)
  5. When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars)
  6. The Breeze
  7. Whenever You Are (One OK Rock) by Dino Lee + Ian Chen
  8. Ming Yun Jiao Xiang Qu (命运交响曲) by Dino Lee + Ian Chen
  9. Fang Xia Lu Xing (放下, 旅行) by Dino Lee + Ian Chen
  10. Ji Yin Jue Ding Wo Ai Ni (基因決定我愛你) by Dino Lee + Ian Chen
  11. Revolution by Dino Lee + Ian Chen
  12. I Wanna Say
  13. By My Side
  14. Wo Men Zai Ai Zhong Man Bu (我們在愛中漫步)
  15. Wo Ai Ni Bu Hui Gai Bian (我愛你不會改變)
  16. Zhuan Shen Zhi Hou (轉身之後)
  17. Action Go!
  18. B-A-B-Y
  19. Liu Xing Fei Guo (流星飛過)
  20. Zai Jian Zai Jian (再见再见)
  21. Trouble Maker by Bii + Miu Chu
  22. Wo Hui Zai Ni Shen Bian (我會在你身邊) by Bii + Miu Chu
  23. Shi Zai Bi Xing (勢在必行) by Bii + Andrew Tan
  24. Tian Hou (天后) by Bii + Miu + Andrew
  25. Everything Changes by Bii + Dino + Ian + Andrew + Miu

Encore Songs:

  1. Come Back to Me
  2. Wo Hai Xiang Nian Ni (我還想念你)
  3. Ni Gei Wo De Ai (你给我的爱)

Special thanks to Universal Music Malaysia Chinese for inviting us to the concert, organised by Click Entertainment and presented by Unispace.

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