Kim Hyun Joong‘s request to postpone his enlistment date has been granted by the Korean army facility in light of recent events in the past several months.

According to insiders, the actor had received a call for enlistment by March 31st but requested for a delay in his enlistment date due to personal reasons.

Kim Hyun Joong Army


A representative from KEYEAST confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong would be postponing his enlistment saying:

It is true that Kim Hyun Joong has delayed his enlistment date, but the reasons behind his actions are very personal, so it is hard for us to share his reasons or his future enlistment plans.

Just last month, Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend confirmed that they would be having their first child together and were in the process of settling the confusion surrounding the pregnancy.

In September 2014, it was rumoured that Kim Hyun Joong was trying to delay the mandatory South Korean army enlistment. Fans believed that it was due to him having to sort out a personal issue that made headlines all of the end of last year, and is still continuing to make headlines somewhat.

Kim Hyun Joong girlfriend text messages

It all started when his ex-girlfriend filed reports against him for physical abuse while they were in a relationship. His ex-girlfriend accused him of hitting her on numerous occasions between May and July, suffering injuries such as bruises and broken ribs. The charges were filed in August 2014, which undoubtedly threw the star into the limelight.

That eventually cleared up after he offered a sincere and public apology to Choi as well as his fans. She then dropped the charges against him, and no one seemed to have heard anything about their relationship (or non relationship) for awhile.

Note: One of the four counts of physical violence initially reported by Choi was reviewed by the Seoul courts, and Kim Hyun Joong was fined 5 million won last month.


Kim Hyun Joong Army Enlistment

Fast forward to present time, he’s now apparently expecting his first child and will become a father this coming September. Since Choi is pregnant, both his and her families are discussing marriage and the child seriously.

Source: Star News, Koreaboo.

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