German trance DJ/producer duo have once again teamed up with very talented vocalist Emma Hewitt (yes, the once with a haunting voice) to produce a beautiful track titled, “Going Home”.

At first listen, it’s pleasant to the ears although it might remind you of the other projects that the duo have worked on previously with the same voice e.g. “Be Your Sound”, “Not Enough Time”, “Calm Down”. But the idea here is to focus on their production, something that these pioneers have become very proud of and very vocal about.

Interview with Cosmic Gate in Zouk Club KL (2)


In our exclusive interview with Nic and Bossi a couple of months ago, they said that they’re very into and very committed to producing the right music that they like. As Cosmic Gate, between the release of “Wake Your Mind” in 2011 and “Start To Feel” in 2014, they’ve also starting identifying with as well as taking pride in knowing how not to sound.

As such, the album version of “Going Home” off their album “Start To Feel” is pure quality and downtempo, enough to pull at your heartstrings. The album version was released in 2014 and it didn’t pick up as much pace as the other tracks i.e. “Falling Back”. But that’s all going to change because just a couple of days ago, the club mix for “Going Home” was released.

Like we said, it’s pleasant to the ears as the track maintains the pureness of the original while picking up the pace enough for it to qualify as a dance floor trance jam. We’re fast fans!

Listen to “Going Home” here:

Cosmic Gate and Emma Hewitt’s “Going Home” is part of “Wake Your Mind Sessions 001”. Wanna snag a (digital) copy? Head on over to iTunes here.

For more information, visit Cosmic Gate’s website or Facebook page.

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