If you’re a “Cards Against Humanity” fan, you can now play the game online. For absolutely free. So free, you can kiss your productive days (and nights) goodbye. As will your friends.

When “Cards Against Humanity” was first released to the world, it was made available under a Creative Commons license that permits individuals to “use, remix, and share the game for free”. This basically meant that anyone (you, me, our family pets) could simply print our their own copy of the game.

Source: imelorddw.tumblr.com
Source: timelorddw.tumblr.com

One Canada-based designer named Dawson Whitfield levelled up above everyone else and turned it into an online browser-based web app so that anyone can play it against their friends using any platform which allows connectivity to the interwebs e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet.


Called, “Cards Against Originality” (ba-dum-pssh), it’s played exactly like the card game except that you and your friends don’t need a stack of cards. All you need is to be in the same room as you friends, whip out a smartphone/laptop/tablet, set up a new game, make sure everyone who wants to play gets the custom link, and you’re good to go.

The browser-based web app is wonderful because besides the original “Cards Against Humanity” cards, this web version also includes cards from all 5 expansion sets.

Cards Against Originality

Also, the fact that we don’t need to buy or install yet another app and that there are no iOS or Android incompatibilities scored major points with us.

Play “Cards Against Originality” here.

Sources: DesigntaxiToyland.

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